About us

ECHO is the charity of the leisure industry dedicated to helping sick children and young adults.

ECHO, which stands for, Entertainment Organised for Children’s Health, gives people like you the chance to make an immediate and dramatic difference to the lives of thousands of children across the country.

Making waves across the medical profession, the Echo Trust ensures the availability of cash for children’s charities which has never before been possible.

ECHO is unique in that it delivers money where it is most wanted. ECHO provides grants to childrens’ charities across the UK to provide essential medical equipment or similar.

Its credibility as an official registered charity by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (number 1096255) has given it the support it needs to maintain longevity.

Since its charity registration in 2003 the Echo Trust has raised and donated in excess of £2 million. Donations are raised from specially organised fundraising events, under the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ banner, at nightclubs owned and operated by REKOM UK, who have outlets across the UK.  Those nightclubs who reach their fundraising target during the financial year are given the opportunity to support a local charity who requires essential medical equipment for children and/or young adults.  The chosen charities are asked to apply for a grant providing they meet our grant giving criteria.  For this reason we are unable to accept unsolicited approaches for funding.

Over the years the Echo Trust has enjoyed the support of many celebrities who have all leant their names to the ‘Give a Kid a Quid’ fundraising campaign.  The Echo Trust would like to thank, DJ Charlie Sloth, Jamie Oliver, Ant and Dec, Sara Cox, Gordon Ramsay, Nell McAndrew, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Whittle and Kyran Bracken, who have all supported different fundraising drives.

With your support we can ensure ECHO thrives and brings hope into the lives of children across the country.

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